STR Benchmarking

STR Benchmarking

The transformative hotel industry solution

STR Benchmarking delivers the property- and portfolio-level insights needed to make smart, real-time decisions and optimize strategies across functions of sales & marketing, revenue and performance management, operations, finance and development.

STR is a gold partner with Accommodation Australia and the confidential information benefits all industry stakeholders:

Operators and Owners – bespoke competitor insights

Industry/Government & Association – clear understanding of market performance to influence decisions and actions

Functionality built to maximize your revenue

STR Benchmarking makes business activities more efficient and more complete as you can utilise the insights to:

  • Drive tactical and strategic pricing decisions
  • Managing and shaping demand - day of week, segmentation
  • Offer multiple perspectives to market and custom sets of market performance
  • Prepare Budget analysis
  • Oversee the whole portfolio from a single view
  • Stakeholder reporting with layered rationale to performance outcomes
  • Influence the future through tracking on the books future occupancy

This can all be achieved through a diverse range of features including but not limited to:

  • One login, all-inclusive online solution
  • Create UNLIMITED competition sets
  • Expanded perspectives with deeper analytics in the form of RPM, Bandwidth & Day-of-week revenue analysis reports.
  • Visualize performance via a collection of 90+ charts and graphs giving you various slices and dices of data
  • Autonomy and speed to create and edit competitor sets
  • Manage stakeholders all within the administrator feature
  • Provide a limited direct view to external stakeholders through published licence view
  • Be part of a consistently improving – enhanced product experience that we at STR, CoStar group – have designed and enabled for you, and consistently develop and include more enhancements to.

To start benchmarking now please reach out to

To learn more visit or contact STR’s Australian team here

STR currently works with over 2,000 Australian properties and more than 70,000 globally.

“Team members are always available to help, and all queries are resolved promptly. Our hotel’s performance figures alone cannot clearly tell us how much we are in water. STR takes that blurriness away. It paints the clear picture how we are performing compared to our direct competitors as well as the market we are in. We can then plan ahead with clarity in head.”

Utkrista Mainali, Regional Director

Suite3Sixty, Federal Group, Tasmania