Mullins Migration Services


Mullins Migration is part of the Mullins Group, who are Silver Sponsors of the AAoA and supporters of the Accommodation industry. 

Mullins Migration provides migration solutions to private individuals and businesses of all sizes. From helping Australian businesses secure a workforce to fill skill shortages, to helping families reunite, Mullins Migration experts earn the trust of their clients by identifying their needs and helping them achieve a migration outcome that best suits their circumstances.

For businesses, Mullins Migration helps to stabilise workforces by securing Work Visas or Working Holiday Visas for employees, which facilitates business growth at the same time.

Mullins Migration provides efficient services and has proactive fee discussions with all clients. With migration services offered on a fixed-price basis, clients benefit from cost certainty, assisting with budgeting and planning.

By engaging our migration experts early in the migration process, you can take comfort that your best interests are looked after and your application is being handled professionally and with maximum prospects of success. 

Australian immigration law can be complex, but it becomes as “easy as 1-2-3” when you engage Mullins Migration.

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Corina Chen | Senior Associate 
Mullins Migration 
Direct line: 07 3224 0364

Matthew Bradford | Partner
Direct line: 07 3224 0353